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Raised on a dairy farm in Maine, Pastor Gib Wood's family background was Quaker. It wasn't until he was in the Air Force in Germany that he saw his need for a relationship with Christ. September 3, 1978 saw him on the back row of Rheinland Baptist as a lost church member. When Pastor George Zane preached that Sunday evening, the Lord had his full attention, and he trusted Christ personally. Woody and Kathy began dating shortly afterwards, and were married on June 21, 1980. Even before leaving Germany, it was obvious to both of them that the Lord would have them return to minister to the American military. Born in Montana, Kathy claims Tennessee as home. However, she has spent most of her life in Germany. Kathy was saved as a young girl at the Landstuhl (Germany) Bible Baptist Church in December, 1969. Her dad, Dr. Wilbur McBride, was in the Air Force at the time, and had been saved just a couple of weeks earlier. The Woods were accepted by Baptist Missions to Forgotten Peoples in 1982. After Bro. Woody completed Bible college, their family came to Germany in October, 1986. Bro. Woody has served as our pastor since June, 1991. The Lord has given the Woods four children: Karin, Audra, Andrew, and Keith; a son in law, Jonathan Lindstam; and three grandchildren: Judah, Joel and Silas.